What's Benefits of Trimless Downlights/ Spotlight?

What’s trimless lighting ?

A flush solution of recessed lighting that allows the light to become an architecturally integrated element by omitting a visible front plate.

What’s Benefits of Trimless Downlights/ Spotlight?

One of the most versatile lighting types, recessed lighting is a great choice for discretely illuminating modern interiors. Most often installed in ceilings, recessed lighting can also be easily installed in walls, floors, and even outdoor spaces. Recessed lighting is a simple way to infuse decorative ambient lighting that’s perfect for highlighting art pieces, alcoves, and lighting outdoor pathways. To get the most of out of this multipurpose lighting, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

Trim Types – Which One is Right for Your Space?

Trim Types – Which One is Right for Your Space?

Recessed lighting can serve many purposes in today’s contemporary spaces and it’s important to know the effect you intend to achieve when you install these types of fixtures. The trim of the recessed lighting is what will achieve the end result you’re looking for so understanding the different types is critical. In addition to appearance, different trim types serve different purposes.

For sloped or vaulted ceilings, adjustable trims allow light to shine where you need it and allow you to customize illumination in hard to light spaces. Install an optional dimmer for even more control over illumination and easily go from ambient to task lighting with the touch of a button.

Flangeless or trimless lighting is ideal for understated applications like minimalist decoration or to be used as accent lighting for artwork, alcoves, or wall wash effects. Trimless recessed lighting is available with the same features as flanged fixtures, including pivoting heads and dimmer compatibility. Wet and damp rated trimless fixtures also work well in bathrooms or anywhere where moisture exposure is likely.

Popular characteristics of trimless recessed lighting include CE,RoHS qualified dimmable LEDs, replacable LED lamping, and modern finish options such as anodized black, matte black or white, and transparent finishes.


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