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Explore our smart downlights and wirelessly connected smart home lighting solutions today.Control your lights or electrical equipment from your smartphone with a smart lighting product.

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Every household appliance is getting smarter as a smart home becomes a popular trend. From ceating a perfect mood to connecting a smart home. lead you customers astep ahead with our smart downlights.

  • LED downlight 230v with smart spring – VA6084 –

  • LED downlight 230v with smart spring.- FA6084(VA6084)

  • Home Smart Recessed Downlight – FZ6085-D

  • China Smart LED Down Lights VZ9040

Having a smart LED downlight means you can programme to connect to Google Home & Alexa, set time of the day for your lights to turn off and on, change colour temperatures and many more features! Installation is super easy all you need for your smart downlight is WIFI connection and away you go. Our smart downlights aren’t only smart, they look good too!

The main advantage of smart lighting products is that they provide you with the ability to do more than just switch or dim. You have the added benefits of being able to set timer functions that switches your lights without you even having to be there.

Various light fittings and electrical devices can all be activated from one command. You can link multiple products together including switching from occupancy detectors and photocells. Or, just like a light switch, they can allow you to switch things manually via a remote control or your smart phone from anywhere in the world.

Best Features

One of the best features of smart lighting products is the ability to set lighting scenes. Lighting scenes can dim or switch a mixture of your lighting circuits to the level of your choosing at the touch of one button. If you’re watching TV in your lounge you might want your main light to be switched totally off, your wall lights to be dimmed down to 30% and your table lamps to be switched on; this could be called your ‘TV scene’.

Smart lighting is a term used to describe a lighting product that can be controlled using a smartphone. Instead of having a conventional light switch or dimmer switch, smart lighting products operate more intelligently.

Some systems do require a hub. but the vertexlite Smart system has a hub that doesn’t cost the earth.

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