bathroom iP65 downlights

Vertex IP44 or IP65 Bathroom LED Downlights – to provide good ambient light with a comfortable level of brightness(Original SAMSUNG SMD5630). Position them on the sides of the room instead of the middle to avoid shadows, and use them to enhance features such as a statement wallpaper or a towel radiator.

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Bathroom lighting must adhere to strict regulations so it is safe to use in a wet environment. A suite is made up of different zones, depending on the distance to the water source, which determines the type of lighting allowed. Known as an IP rating, the higher the rating, the more protected the light is. Vertex Supplier IP65 led downlight and IP44 led downlight for client option. Vertex suggests all bathroom lights are at least IP44, even in outside zones.

  • IP65 spotlights F6055-AC

  • IP65 Recessed LED Downlight VIP6095

  • Bathroom IP65 Downlights(V6085)

  • IP65 Dimmable LED Downlight F6085

  • Enlite IP65 Fire Rated GU10 Downlight-F1032

IP65 rated downlights have become a staple for those looking for durable but exceptional quality, recessed lighting. Here you can find IP65 rated downlights across a range of types, including GU10, LED and low voltage variations. Available in a variety of finishes such as, white, chrome and brass, these fixtures are perfect for lighting that needs a little bit more toughness, such as bathrooms or outdoors. Made with strong, resistant materials, you can be sure to get long lasting and brilliant light for a competitive price.

IP65 Waterproof

Best choice for high quality project using like for bathroom lighting, kitchen lighting, no dusk or moisture leak even after long time use.

Best Dimming

Supply TRIAC, 0~10V and DALI dimming type, compatible with C-BUS system as well as leading edge trailing edge and universal dimming.

Samsung Led Chip

Samsung light source with CRI up to 85 creating very smooth harmonious lighting effect.

Low Temperature

Thick aluminum die casting fixture allows very low temperature, up to IC-F rated (AU&NZ Standard)

Downlights with an IP65 rating offer total protection against specks of dust. They are not entirely waterproof, but they are resistant enough to stay fully functional even if they get splashed with water. If you are looking for a fixture that you can install in your bathroom, IP65 downlights are an excellent choice.

Vertex Supplier IP65 led downlight and IP44 led downlight for client option. Vertex suggests all bathroom lights are at least IP44, even in outside zones.

IP65 shower lights can be used in every area of the bathroom including directly above a shower cubicle or bath. Recent manufacturing techniques have seen adjustable and eyeball recessed fittings suitable for use in bathrooms and for installation above a shower.

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